Fusion Healthcare is trading under the name of Fusion Radiology to provide private GP and medical services.

Welcome to Fusion Healthcare we work with experienced, professional NHS clinicians to deliver excellent services from the heart of our business. Our services includes general practice, health screening and medical and travel (COVID-19) testing services. You can be sure we will give you the best treatment when needed.

You shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to your health. Here at our private GP services we are committed to providing you an exceptional medical service.

Our GPs are all qualified General Practitioners and registered with the UK’s General Medical Council.  Whether it is a one-off problem requiring immediate attention or a complex on going issue that needs resolution, we are here to help.

With access to our top class facilities, including our own imaging service if you need any tests or scans, our GP can refer you quickly without the hassle.  You’ll get your test results promptly and efficiently, giving you the peace of mind that you expect from a private GP service.

Please call on 01582 249216 to book an appointment.

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